What to Do in Edinburgh Between the Fringe Festival Shows

It’s time to escape the madness. But what can you do? The Fringe Festival isn’t the only thing in Edinburgh worth seeing. There’s so many other options and so many things that are definitely worth seeing during your trip.

Edinburgh Book Fest

The Fringe festival isn’t the only festival during August. Yup, although it seems as though the whole of Edinburgh is out for the Fringe, there is a smaller festival on at the same time (we say small, it’s not really that small). And it’s perfect for all of the book lovers out there. About 800 authors attend signings, launches and readings. This event runs from the 10th-26th August, so it’s a great alternative if you want to take some time for yourself and escape the craziness of the Fringe.

Edinburgh book festival

Food and Drink

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Edinburgh and you can do this on a budget. Which is music to our ears (and we’re sure to yours too). There are so many hidden gems that you really are spoilt for choice. You can find anything from fragrant curry houses to American-style diners. If you’re not after a large meal, then take your pick from a number of cosy cafes situated on the winding cobbled streets.

The Pleasance Courtyard is a great place to get a drink and eat some food, here you can watch the world go by and take a well deserved rest.
Don’t forget to visit an old Edinburgh pub along the way. They have an old school charm, filled with friendly people and delicious local drinks.

Top tip: keep in mind that street vendors and carts will charge more than cafes and restaurants. Look around before settling on one place.

Site Seeing

A popular place to get a respite from the hustle and bustle of the festival is The Meadows. A beautiful green oasis away from the city. You might run into a performer in the park, but here is a great place to lie in the grass and catch a breath. 

Don’t forget the beautiful Arthur’s Seat, take a walk to reset and take in the stunning views of the city and the coast. If climbing isn’t your thing, then take a stroll around the Botanical Gardens, look at the flora and fauna and take advantage of some peace and quiet.

Interested in history? Walk on over to the castle. Learn about Edinburgh’s history and see some good views from the top.

Edinburgh Skyline

Spot of Shopping

Being a city, there are plenty of places for some retail therapy. A place of note is Boxsmall, located on Festival Square, it’s the perfect place for families, couples or those of you attending alone (for everyone really). There’s traditional Scottish foods, crafts stools and live music. You could spend your time between shows here, or you can take a whole day out to just wander freely around.

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