Managed BnB

What is Managed AirBnB?

The process enabling easy marketing and contacting of potential tenants gives landlords scope for profitable rentals. However, making those rentals succeed entails a lot of work for the landlord, so some are now using external companies to take on those responsibilities - managed AirBnB.

Since it started a decade or so ago AirBnB has transformed the process of short term rental of properties. Enabling easy marketing and contacting of potential tenants it gives landlords scope for profitable rentals. However, making those rentals succeed entails a lot of work for the landlord, so some are now using external companies to take on those responsibilities – the concept of managed AirBnB. What do these companies offer, and what should the landlord be aware of before going into an arrangement?

What Can a Management Company Do for My Property?

There are many elements to a successful rental, all of which can form part of a managed AirBnB arrangement.

  • Cleaning services
    Presenting an impeccably clean place for a new tenant is an onerous duty. A management company, using their own, or contracted, cleaners can take that on for you.

  • Taking bookings
    Potential tenants tend to decide and book at the weirdest and most inconvenient times. Perhaps they come home from the pub, settle down on the sofa, and think wistfully of their next trip. At maybe 2 in the morning they find the place of their dreams (your delightful apartment) and want to book it, there and then. Of course, AirBnB will help with this, but a chain of communication follows that needs prompt attention. A managed AirBnB company can take this on for you.

  • Managing reservations
    With a busy calendar, keeping on top of a stream of tenants and keeping them happy through the process can be daunting. The company providing your managed AirBnB can undertake this.

  • A point of contact
    Your tenants have arrived, love the flat, go out for a meal, and then come back to check their e-mail on the internet you provide, but can’t log in. Who do they phone for help? You, or your managed AirBnB provider?

  • Check-ins and check-outs
    If you have tenants arriving at an awkward time, or a busy period with lots of tenants following one after another, wouldn’t it be nice to get somebody else to meet and greet them, and collect the keys when they leave? This once again is a service a managed AirBnB provider can do for the landlord.

  • Maintenance
    If something goes wrong the tenant needs it fixed fast and here the manager of your AirBnB can deal with the problem.
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What Could Possibly Wrong?

Of course, the answer to that is almost everything! You have carefully burnished a reputation amongst your tenants for superb service. One dirty bathroom, or a missing set of towels, could sink that reputation, so your choice of a suitable managed AirBnB provider must be carefully researched. Each of the items above could be a source of discontent if the chosen provider does not deliver well.

You Hold Control

Some things remain firmly in the hands of the landlord, even if they use managed AirBnB.

  • Financial information
    AirBnB only allows the landlord the full range of information about payouts and taxable information.

  • Time to stop
    Only the landlord can de-activate the AirBnB listing, but you as the landlord can do that at any time you wish.

  • Time to quit
    As landlord you always have the right to stop using managed AirBnB, so if you are not happy with their delivery end the deal.

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