Top 5 Views In Edinburgh

You’re in Edinburgh and now it’s time to chase those stunning views. And there’s a lot of them. The city looks just like a postcard with the city skyline sitting against the rolling hills and breathtaking views. To help you narrow down your options we’ve put together a list of the top 5 views in Edinburgh. Be careful though, after seeing these, you might never want to go home!

Arthur’s Seat

An extinct volcano and one of the highest points in Edinburgh, the sight from Arthur’s Seat is unforgettable, offering stunning 360 degree views. See what you can spot from the top. Can you see the castle? Or parliament? You can also glance toward the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Being able to see pretty much everything from here, it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite for hikers, joggers, dog-walkers and families. Whether you live in the city or just visiting, Arthur’s Seat is an attraction you can’t leave without visiting.

Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

A historical castle that characterises the city’s skyline. Make your way to the top of the medieval icon in the city centre and peer down on everyone and everything beneath you. Get a feel of how the residents felt way back when. You can see the difference between the old and new town from here and if you look far enough, you’ll be able to spot the sea.

Edinburgh Castle

Camera Obscura

Maybe not top of everyone’s list, it might not even be something that you have ever heard of. But it is for sure, not to be missed. Camera Obscura and the World Of Illusions offers a surreal experience of psychedelic colors and exhibits. Not just for those that want to take in a good view, but also great for those interested in the history of the city. Venture onto the viewing platform to see 360 degree views of Edinburgh.

Camera Obscura Edinburgh

Nelson Monument

A commemorative monument placed on top of Calton Hill right next door to the famous Arthur’s Seat. Already we know the views are going to be good. A perfect place to sit and watch the sunset, Calton Hill provides more panoramic views of the city. Want to see more? Venture up the Monument onto the viewing platform. Here you will be able to see even further and can appreciate the view of the National Monument from above – it’s the only way to see it from this angle.

Nelson Monument Edinburgh

Blackford Hill

Another of the city’s unmissable seven summits, Blackford Hill offers a perspective of Edinburgh’s beautiful surrounding landscape and skyline that is unrivalled. It’s also home to an astronomical institution, The Royal Observatory – a building not to be missed on your trip.

Blackford Hill Edinburgh

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