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I am the owner of a 2 bedroom flat in Holyrood, Edinburgh. Hotel Around Town organise and manage bookings for me on short term holiday lets.

I am delighted with the results and their overall efficiency. The cleaning is up to high covid standards and the guest ratings are excellent.

I do not hesitate in recommending other property owners to hand the management over to Derek and Rebecca Webster and their splendid team.

They take the worry and hassle off your hands and do an excellent job.

- Fred Lawson

GrassMarket Apartments Edinburgh

Grassmarket apartments

As my letting host since I bought my two flats in Edinburgh, Hotel Around Town have been assisting me constantly as far as my property management is concerned.

Rebecca has great communication with customers and she always looks out for my interests. She also has excellent skills in resolving any issues.

Rebecca is a pleasure to work with since she is an active listener. She takes her time understanding my needs and requests before she caters her plan accordingly. As an individual, Rebecca is polite, inquisitive and proactive. She has always been a great support during negotiations and accomplishes everything with a noticeable degree of integrity and competency that is difficult to find these days.

I would highly recommend Rebecca for a holiday letting host - this coming from a client point of view. As I find it hard to imagine someone else doing a better job than her.

- Xiang Banner

Stockbridge Short Term Let property Management Hotel Around Town Property


Hotel Around Town has acted as the host for my 1 bedroom flat in Stockbridge / New Town since August 2017. We were in contact for 3-4 months before that during the flat acquisition period where Rebecca was extremely helpful in guiding me on how to furnish the property and just for answering general questions. She has been superb at running & maintaining things.

I lived in London during this period and have recently relocated to Dubai, so I want to have as little commitment to the flat as possible. When it comes to checking bookings and invoices I am very thorough, I like to know that the money coming in is as it should be. I have had no issues at all with Rebecca, and if I have raised any queries she has always been able to say why that was the case.

I have also recommended two close friends and a relative who now use Rebecca’s hostess services, and would have no problem recommending more in the future. She is very accommodating and likeable and does her job fantastically.

- Kevin James Baxter

Stockbridge Short Term Let property Management Hotel Around Town Property


Rebecca has been looking after my flat in the Newtown for over a year and I couldn't recommend her more highly. She deals with all of the day to day running with ease, but where she excels specifically is when there is an issue.

She quickly looks to resolve any such issues and goes out of her way to make sure the tenant is happy. She is also amazing at advising what aspects of the flatwe can change/improve to attract more high-class tenants.

- Jason Mulhall

Westend Edinburgh SHort Term Let Properties with Hotel Around Town


Rebecca has been managing my Airbnb rental since December 2017 and I am completely happy with the service I receive and would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a property/Airbnb manager.

  Rebecca provided a lot of needed guidance at the start and helped me get the apartment ready for photos etc. I live in London so having someone in Edinburgh to look after the property is crucial to succeeding on Airbnb.

Rebecca gets really positive reviews on Airbnb and all my guests have mentioned how helpful she has been. I feel really confident that guests will always be able to contact Rebecca in emergencies (this has already happened due to heating issues) and that all issues will be resolved to the guests expectations.

I would not be able to rent my property on Airbnb without Rebecca!

- Lisa Turner


Hotel Around Town has been looking after my property since August 2018. I have found them to be very efficient and so helpful - they have done an amazing job with the bookings. I have left everything in Rebecca’s capable hands and everything has run very smoothly.

I would highly recommend her to look after any property.

- Kathleen Dickens

Talk to Us About Our Short Term Let Property Management

Talk to Us About Our Short Term Let Property Management