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HAT’s Indian Dining Hotlist

Edinburgh has an eclectic selection of restaurants to choose from. Pick any cuisine and I’m almost sure that you will find it – try it I dare you? When it comes to Indian food the selection is massive, we have narrowed it down to our top 10 favourites to help you with the decision making so that you can skip to the important part – eating!!!

Edinburgh Wine Bars

Sometimes you don’t feel like visiting a busy pub and instead look for something a bit more unusual where you can try something new. I have compiled a list of my favourite Edinburgh wine bars, those on the list are all independently owned and run by knowledgable staff with a real passion for food and wine.

Dog-Friendly Edinburgh

Have you booked one of our dog friendly properties? Are you wondering where you can enjoy a drink alongside your canine companion? Edinburgh is a very canine friendly destination – we have compiled a list of some of our favourite, dog friendly, city centre pubs and bars to help you out!

Front of Greenbank Cottage

Property Showcase: Greenbank Cottage

Greenbank Cottage, a lovely little property in Gifford came to us in the Summer of 2021. When we took on this property we could see

Is your property compliant with gas regulations in the UK?

Gas safety is one of the most strictly enforced requirements for a possible landlord of a property. Rightly so, because the consequences of not observing them are dreadful. So what does a landlord need to do to avoid these consequences?

Managed BnB

What is Managed AirBnB?

The process enabling easy marketing and contacting of potential tenants gives landlords scope for profitable rentals. However, making those rentals succeed entails a lot of work for the landlord, so some are now using external companies to take on those responsibilities – managed AirBnB.

Apartment Ready to Let Short Term

What do Property Owners Need to Know About Short Term Property Rental?

A property owner, who wants to make a return from a property that is not occupied long term, may be tempted to look at short term rental as a profitable activity. Certainly, the rental charge can carry a premium compared to long term letting, but to achieve that premium there is a range of additional services and costs that need to be planned for.

Property management Edinburgh

Why does Hotel Around Town Manage Properties in Edinburgh?

Hotel Around Town offers all necessary services for property management in Edinburgh including property appraisal, styling consultation and insurance guidance. Within our service, we make sure that the property you own is aimed at the right people and is properly marketed.

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